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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trade Deadline: Penguins

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The trade deadline has passed, but there could still be trades announced in the coming moments. Deadline day in the NHL is like Christmas Day come early. You wake up on this day not knowing if you have coal in your stocking, or the shiny red rider bee bee gun.

With just a couple hours left before the deadline, the Pittsburgh Penguins made two roster moves. One was a trade and the other is a claim off waivers.

First: Pens send defenseman Danny Richmond to St. Louis for defenseman Andy Wozniewski.

I can live with this, but I'm not convinced this is Ray Shero's "big move." Wozniewski's contract of $775K runs out this season, so perhaps this was Shero's move to start preparing for next season?

Perhaps he thinks Wozniewski will be an every day player on the roster and let Hal Gill go? Time will tell.

Wozniewski's frame at 6'4" 220 pounds makes me happy as well. Would appear to be a more mobile version of Gill who actually hits things.

The other move the Penguins made was claiming Craig Adams off waivers from Chicago.

Adams will bring some veteran help to the young Pens. Just don't expect him to put up many points. With a combined six goals and 11 assists over the last 3 seasons where he's missed about half of each of those seasons, you can expect him to be a role player.

More to come soon.


Bill Guerin has been traded to the Penguins for a conditional draft pick. No word on the details of he conditional pick, but at this point in time it's pocket change for him and I'll take it.

According to, the pick starts as a 5th. Should the Pens make the playoffs it becomes a 4th rounder. Should the Pens advance to the second round of the playoffs it becomes a 3rd rounder.

That's it. A max of a 3rd round pick. I'm very happy with this deal.

More details soon.

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