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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Breaking: Bruins Offer For Kaberle?

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This just in: the Boston Bruins have reportedly made an offer for Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Tomas Kaberle. is reporting the story along with the Boston Herald.

"According to the Boston Herald, the Bruins have offered their 2008 first-round pick, forward Joe Colborne of Denver University, their 2009 No. 1 pick, and a third-round pick to the Toronto Maple Leafs for defenseman Tomas Kaberle."

Very interesting if this proves to be true. It goes with a number of thoughts out there that GM Peter Chiarelli would only be interested in trading picks and prospects. It's also curious that the 30-year-old Kaberle has 4.2M remaining on a contract for the next two years.

Kaberle would fit under the Bruins salary cap for the remainder of the season, but the team would be giving up far too much in return. Colborne is a B range prospect, a forward with terrific size, 6'5, 195lbs, and as a freshman, he certainly has time to grow into his frame. He's got 9 goals and 19 assists for Denver in 34 games, as well. Though he's certainly a couple of years down the road, with his size, you'd think the Bruins would want to keep him around awhile to see what he can develop into.

And a first and third round draft pick? Too much. Sure it's a late first rounder, but a first round pick nonetheless. I could potentially be sold on this if it were Colborne and a second rounder, but I'd be happier not to see this deal go through at all. I don't know where people continue to see a weakness in the Bruins defense, but it is not going to be their all-out key to winning it all. They're very steady in the back as I mentioned earlier today, with a good mix of youth and veteran presence and talent that is continually improving.

Though, I do realize that Kaberle would be an asset on the power play, and could potentially move Patrice Bergeron away from the point. I could still yet be sold on this...

More to come as this develops.

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