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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hossa Taken Off On Gurney (Updated)

BallHype: hype it up!
is reporting that Red Wings forward Marian Hossa was taken off the ice this evening by gurney after being checked into the boards during the first period against the St. Louis Blues.

Casey: I just want to say that for as much as I hate Judas for leaving Pittsburgh and taking a shot at a charity ring, I hope he ends up well in this situation. Both physically and mentally. Taking a shot like that can mess a player up in the head, making him second guess going into a corner for a puck.

I know I rip on him frequently, but I sincerely never wanted his career to be in jeopardy over his leaving the Pens.

More to come from us as this develops.

We wish Hossa the best.



"ST. LOUIS -- Detroit Red Wings forward Marian Hossa was hospitalized for observation after crashing head-first into the boards after being checked in the first period of Tuesday night's game against the St. Louis Blues."

I've also read over at On the Wings that FS Detroit reported that Hossa never lost consciousness.

A lot of people exhaling, I'm sure.

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