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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Breaking: Pens Put Satan On Waivers

BallHype: hype it up!

According to a report on, the Pittsburgh Penguins have placed winger Miroslav Satan on waivers.

This to me means something big could be in the works if they are trying to free up some cap space before tomorrow's deadline.

I will fully admit that before the season I really wanted the Penguins to sign him. I was using simple logic in that if you place a guy who has offensive talent on a line with Sidney Crosby, he should be in the vicinity of 65-70 points. Clearly, that is not the case with Satan.

At least the experiment is over. I would think that someone out there will claim him and take him off our hands, but the thought of him clearing waivers and being sent to Wilkes-Barre cracks me up.

Also placed on waivers, was former Penguin Chuck Norris...aka Gary Roberts. I wouldn't be surprised if we tried to claim him, but something tells me he's already played his last game in Pittsburgh.

He wanted no part of contract negotiations last summer, so I'm not expecting him to be back even though it would be fun to see the Igloo with WWGRD (What Would Gary Roberts Do) signs again.

Speaking of Crosby, he will not play tonight against the Lightning due to a sore groin. This will be the fourth straight game the Kid has missed. Do me a favor, if you see posts on message boards about him not in the lineup tonight meaning he's being traded, just point them my way and I'll set them straight.

Stay tuned for more developments as we see them. This is going to be a crazy 24 hours.

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