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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flyers coming in for a harsh landing

I'm upset. Very upset.

The Flyers' recent form has been nothing short of embarassing. They aren't trying anymore. Sure, some players are putting forth performances, but the team seems to have given up. Why? Last year they played like hell down the stretch. This year, when they sort of have a playoff spot locked up, they wilt. Wonderful.

Sure, the Devils are in a freefall. But who cares? They have the division locked up. They gave the Flyers three chances over the past week to catch up and the Flyers keep pissing them away. Now I'm just hoping to secure the 4 seed, which is looking less and less likely. Philly has an incredibly easy schedule down the stretch, but if they are going to be losing to teams like Toronto, I wouldn't be surprised with lower half finish.

I don't know what to think about Briere. At times he seems to rejuvenate the offense, especially on the powerplay. At other times he competely screws the lines. Because of his massive contract and acknowledged skill, it's clear he shouldn't really be getting 3rd or 4th line time. But when he's messing with chemistry, its trouble. It seems like he's near full strength as far as his skating goes, but the Flyers haven't exactly been better with him. The PP looked great for a couple of games and now everything is going down.

The good news? There's time left to turn this around. And an easy schedule. John Stevens needs to lay off his hands off approach and get in their faces. Immediately.

The Flyers have the talent and work ethic to match any team in the East, and at least give the Sharks/Red Wings a run for their money. They have a powerful offensive team that can respond to anyone. But if they aren't getting effort from all four lines (and right now I'm looking at you, top two lines) - they aren't going to come close to winning.

Prove me wrong Flyers, please.