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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Poll: Paraplegic Hockey Brawl vs Marathon NHL Bout

BallHype: hype it up!

There has been talk recently about doing away with fighting in hockey. I for one am opposed wholeheartedly to that notion. It's a part of the game. Always has been, always will. More people show up to games to see fights than people who avoid the game entirely because of the fights.

Call it the NASCAR crash theory. Why do most people watch NASCAR? To see people make left-turns all day? No. You watch to see car crashes that don't make your insurance rates shoot through the roof.

Now some people watch NASCAR for the sporting aspect and strategy of the sport. I for one, am in that minority. There, I said it. I like NASCAR too. Boo to Jeff Gordon and go Jeff Burton.

I digress.

Here's a couple good scraps over the past week.

Pretty good right? Now how about a marathon bout between Aaron Downey and David Clarkson? Get your self some popcorn and strap in for an epic battle. Maybe not as good as some old Tie Domi/Bob Probert fights, but it's pretty good.

If those two bouts don't get you excited and send you immediately to YouTube to look up some more fights, you need to check your pulse.

Which fight ranks higher? You decide. Let us know in either comments on this post or send an e-mail to with your vote.

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