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Monday, February 23, 2009

Renney Out as Rangers Coach: Tortorella In

The New York Rangers today did what many expected would happen after losing 10 of their last 12 games and dropping all the way down to the bottom of the playoff picture and fired Tom Renney today. Renney's laissez faire attitude lead to a listless team over the past two months, the the managment decided that a change needed to be made while the Rangers we still in striking position of the playoffs. Renney's record as a Rangers coach over 4+ seasons was an admirable 164-121-42. Perry Pearn, Renney's right hand man, was also let go today showing that the Rangers will be going with a totally different coaching mentality.

While the last 12 games can be pinned on Renney, all of the fault cannot be placed on him. Some must be directed upstairs to GM Glen Sather who used up tons of cap space on Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, and Wade Redden, all of whom have underachieved this season. Sather can also be blamed for not having a proven scorer or two on the roster. (I can't believe how much we miss Jagr and Shanny) Hopefully he doesn't do anything too drastic in trading away all of the Rangers youth as a quick panacea to much bigger problems than just a proven scorer.

With all of that said, lets look at possible replacements for Rangers head coach.

Mike Pellino: Current Rangers assistant, but not much pedigree. If Sather is looking for a smooth transition, Pellino would be the choice. Seeing how this team needs a kick in the pants, some turbulence may be necessary. Odds 40-1
Jim Schoenfeld: Current Rangers assistant GM and former coach of the Wolfpack. Schoenfeld has a feel for the Rangers talent and brings a little toughness to the Rangers bench. Odds 7-1.
John Tortorella: Former Rangers assistant coach and former Tampa Bay Lightning head coach. Lead the Lightning to a Stanley Cup Victory back in 2004. Likes to yell and uses intimidation passion to get the most out of his teams, which is what the Rangers need. Odds 3-1.

In all honesty, Tortorella is not my ideal coach because I believe coaches need to have a balance of coddling and yelling. Tortorella is on pace for a heart attack any day now with his antics, but he is the best of what is currently out there in the middle of the season. More updates as the story breaks.


It is now official that the Rangers have hired John Tortorella for a kick in the pants to fire this team up. If Tortorella and his passionate coaching cannot turn this team around, then the entire blame can be put on the players and the front office. Time will tell.

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CShea said...

It's all Sather's fault. Horribly overpaying for guys like Redden, Mara and Kalinen. WOW.