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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Live from the Holiday Inn

Part of me was very glad I wasn't able to access the site during the game. The inside of the Wachovia Center was bleak and troublesome. The game started out innocently enough, but the lack of urgency on the Flyers first two powerplays spelled doom for the rest of the night. The Flyers outplayed the Sens for many stretches of the game, but couldn't get a bounce to save their life. Niitty wasn't to blame. The defense wasn't entirely to blame. Nothing the Flyers conceived came to fruition. They outshot the Sens, outworked the Sens, but when the chances came, Brian Elliott positioned himself well, or the pucks simply missed the net.

This is the kind of loss you have to write off in the course of a long season. A team that's low in the standings, hungry to make their mark and dent some playoff hopes. It's not so easy for me to write off, though, seeing as this is the only game I'll attend in Philadelphia unless they qualify for the playoffs (and even then, there's no guarantee).

I'm baffled by what happened. Harmless shots from the Senators trickled in all night. They played a decent game, but they were lucky to be in advantageous position for most of the evening.

Good to see Richards and Upshall back but no one on the roster was overly impressive. The only player that needs singling out is Randy Jones, who had an awful game both offensively and defensively. He was chasing and fighting off the puck for the course of the game, and broke up a ton of chances that might've given the Flyers some life.

Every time they seemed to have a spark, the Sens answered. Suppose this is just one of those games.

I have a few pictures from tonight but nothing extraordinary. As soon as my e-mail complies I'll get them posted. Have a good evening.


CShea said...

According to Eklund's site, he was at the game tonight with you. Brewing up some more insane rumors I'm sure.

DerekF said...

After what I saw tonight I wouldn't be surprised if he had the Flyers going after everyone in the league..

oh wait!