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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nylander On The Move?

Caps Blog

With the trade deadline looming, it seems likely that Center Michael Nylander is on his out. In late November, there were rumors that he would be sent to Chicago, however, nothing materialized. Even as late as August of last year, removing Nylander from the caps was a top priority, according to NHL Fanhouse. In that same article, Nylander reportedly put his Maryland home on the market.

Caps coach Bruce Boudreau runs a North-South style of NHL play, which is in contrast to Nylander's East-West approach to the game. The difference has caused a rapture between the two this season. Earlier in the season, Nylander was mainly a healthy scratch in many games, but as of late Nylander has been a scoring machine. Last week, Nylander posted two goals against the Devils that helped end the Devils nine-game winning streak.

If the Caps decide to trade Nylander, where will he land? The best case scenario would involve the Atlanta Thrashers. It is no secret the Thrashers need to move cap in order to revamp the team, as they did last year moving Marian Hossa to the Penguins. The player I am talking about is Ilya Kovalchuk. There have been many trade rumors involving Kovalchuk for most of the season, and according to bleacher report, Kovalchuk has asked for a trade. This is not as far fetched as some may think. The Caps have a lot of young talent in Hershey (AHL team) and could move Nylander in the process. There is no doubt the Caps would have to give up a lot for Kovalchuk, but the rewards would far out weigh the price.

Imagine the first three lines of the Caps. First line you have Alexander Ovechkin, second line Kovalchuk, and third line Alexander Semin. The Caps would be a scoring machine would be able to beat the Sharks, Red Wings, and Bruins.

The worst case scenario is him being traded to Vancouver. Nylander's former agent, Mike Gillis, is the general manager in Vancouver. This makes a trade there likely. Trading Nylander to such a team would mean the most the Caps would get is a low rated prospect.

James Herring

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