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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eklund Inserts Foot In Mouth...Again

Just an update on yesterday's post about Evgeni Malkin being traded to the Thrashers for Ilya Kovalchuk and other considerations.

Eklund, who seemed to be about 99% sure this deal was happening yesterday, has backed off this one ever so slightly today saying:

The Penguins and Thrashers are still chatting according to sources, and as said yesterday it is uncertain how Malkin and Kovalchuk play into this, but it is fairly certain that they could be discussed. The Pens are also talking to Nashville and Edmonton about a deal that is a "good plan B or 1A."

I wonder if his sudden change of heart had anything to do with what was posted here yesterday. Or, could it be that the Penguins writer on his site essentially flipped him the bird in his latest post addressing the rumor?

I read that article last night and had a very long and hard laugh over it. Eklund called out on his own site. Fantastic.

As for the second part of that update involving Edmonton and Nashville, he may be onto something there.

I've read on more reliable sites and heard rumors during broadcasts of games, that the Pens were interested in Erik Cole and could be interested in the likes of J.P. Dumont and Ville Koistinen.

Is Cole the dream winger for Sidney Crosby? No. Is he an improvement over Miroslav Satan or anyone else not named Malkin or Petr Sykora? Absolutely.

I'm still not opposed to having Dumont and Koistinen, but I question why we'd be bringing in another offensive defenseman when we've already got four others on the roster.

I'm still compiling a list of players I've seen that may be available at the deadline to see who I'd like to come to Pittsburgh. The trade deadline is March 4, and with each passing second the frenzy gets closer and closer.

I have a feeling this deadline is going to be insane and leaving Eklund in tears over how wrong he continues to be.

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