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Friday, February 27, 2009

2/27 - Habs vs Flyers

This will be an important segway game for the Flyers. If they can get this going into a three game streak, there will be less pressure on them Sunday in New Jersey. If they lose to Montreal, the Rock is going to be hellish.

Last I heard Timonen still has the flu, Vaananen was claimed by the Canucks, Kukkonen has to dress, Ross was called up from the Phantoms, and Briere isn't going to be able to play because of the cap. We'll find out shortly.

Also - Metro taken by the Habs? Did he make it in time to dress for this game? That'd be a shame. I enjoyed having Metro on the team and I wish him the best.. but not on Montreal.

Due to technical difficulties I'm not able to watch the game yet. Waiting on you NHL Center Ice. I see on the box score though that Metro is playing for the habs and Lupul has scored 28 seconds in. Huzza.

Technical difficulties render this live blog unbloggable!

I'll be back with post-game thoughts.

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