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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rangers by the Numbers

I QUIT. I've shown patience over the past 14 games, but I can't take it anymore. The Rangers lost 2-1 to Florida tonight on a game where they outplayed Florida for literally 59 of the 60 minutes of the game. They scored 17 seconds into the game only to have it taken off of the board because the puck was "touched by a high stick." The replay showed otherwise but they never reviewed it. This was a sign of things to come.

The Rangers were quicker to the puck. They were more active shooting it. They played much better fundamental hockey. And from the 11:50 mark through the 12:50 mark in the 3rd, the Rangers allowed 2 extremely weak goals on a Booth backhander, on the entire team deciding not to guard Nathan Horton in the slot. That was the entire Rangers lapse in the game. I can't stand to relive the last 3 hours of my life any more and would rather relive the last 5 months of hockey in a Rangers by the numbers. Here are the game highlights for those interested.

Here are the Rangers by the Numbers: Feel free to play "Somebody Kill Me Please" off of the Wedding Singer Soundtrack
$2,000,000- Pay per Wade Redden goal
3- Goals the Rangers could have had tonight if they were able to lift the puck over the pads of Craig Andersen
  • Gomez breakaway
  • Callahan breakaway
  • Rozsival in the right circle with half the net open

12- Number of games in the last 14 that the Rangers have not scored over two goals

0- Number of those games they have won

9- Home games left

6- Number of those games against current playoff teams

10-Road games left

4- Number of those games against current playoff teams

0- Rangers with over 20 goals

1- Rangers with a plus rating (+2 Nikolai Zherdev)

17- Rangers losses where they have scored 1 goal or less.

19,800- Fans that were chanting "FIRE SATHER" tonight at the game
8- Consecutive minutes that the chant went on
$28.8- Millions of dollars invested in Gomez, Drury, Redden, and Rozsival this year
3- Years after this that all of those rosters will still be counting against the cap unless Sather trades one of them.
4- PPG over the last 14 games
44- PP opportunities over that span
9.1%- You do the math.
38- Days until Opening Day Baseball

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J. Grover said...

I feel bad for you just because of Sunday's game on NBC. Especially if the Bruins stay on this tear...