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Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Let Down

It seems fitting that I should at least post something about Super Bowl XLII. I should explain that I am a Patriots fan. No, not a bandwagon fan. I grew up in New England, enough said.

There's not much to say about the game other than that the Patriots did not play their best game and as a result lost. The Giants defensive line was incredible with how much pressure they were able to get on Tom Brady. To me it seemed that some of those wide open receivers that Brady missed during the game were due to "happy feet." You know he had to be thinking he was going to get drilled again if he didn't get the ball out quick. The Giants knocked the Pats out of rhythm and that was why they won.

Just going to throw this out there too. Eli Manning's pass to David Tyree to set up the game winning touchdown was incredible. What's more amazing is that the Giants have been notorious for missed tackles leading to big plays and yet at least four Pats couldn't bring the little weasel down.

A sack there makes it fourth and a mile and all but locks up a perfect season. Just writing that last part pains me. We were 35 seconds from perfection....35! Argh! Suddenly, horrible suppressed memories of past sports moments that ripped my heart out came flashing back. Here's the quick top 3.

#3 - Bill Buckner - Granted I was about two-years-old at best, but even then I know something bad happened. They say you're too young to remember things from that age, I disagree. My little self wasn't prepared for the anointment of being a New England sports fan and thus, blocked it out entirely.

#2 - Pens Lose In 5OTs - I can still hear Steve Levy's call. "Primeau in over the line, pulls up, shoots...AND THERE IT IS! IN THE 5TH OVERTIME!!" Local time was about 2:30am and it was a school night. I would have been just fine had the Pens won that game to take a 3-0 lead in the series on home ice no less. Instead they go on to lose the series.

#1 - Aaron "Bleeping" Boone - Game 7 2003 ALCS. Seven of us are gathered in Bricks room. I called my grandfather in the sixth inning and the excited conversation was something I'll never forget because it ended with me saying "I'll call you after the game."

Then Grady Little leaves dead arm Pedro in, who naturally blows it. We go to extras and Tim Wakefield gives up the bomb to Boone prompting me to walk back to my room, take my keys out of my pocket, throw them against the wall, grab a wiffle ball bat and proceed to unleash hilarious hell on various pillows. The holes in the wall from the keys were still there on graduation day. Talk about leaving a legacy.

In time I'll get over this loss and accept the fact that it was a great game. The Pats just didn't play their best game and paid for it as a result. I guess we'll just have to wait another year for them to pull off perfection.


Mark said...

Patriots suck! 18-NONE


Matt said...

In response to both this article and the previous one about the best/worst commercials ever, here is one that I know all of you Patriot haters will enjoy that Reebok never released... I wonder why.

The Goph

mirthrac said...

I gotta say, I was really happy with that super bowl. Robert has been a Giants fan since birth. His mom actually went to high school with lawrence taylor! He has his jersey from back then and since it doesn't fit robert anymore, it's mine, haha. Honestly, I didn't want anyone to take the Dolphins' record....come on, what else do Dolphins' fans have to live for? Isn't that just cruel? Plus I almost always go with the underdog. Had the Pats been on their game, the result might have been different. But Robert ordered some super bowl stuff....and the back of the hat says "We wanted it more." I think that pretty much sums it up. You could tell. While Plaxico was cocky with his prediction, those boys KNEW they had to work their butts off for it. I think the Pats thought it was in the bag....just thinking about Brady's comment about Plax's prediction, "I can't believe he thinks we'll only score 17 points? Give us some credit." Well, well Tom...who looks like an idiot now?