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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Potential Trade Frenzy

This is going to be relatively short, but here's a list of 5 big names in the NHL who are the subject of trade rumors. This is where I feel these players will end up by tomorrow's 3:00pm trade deadline.

Now before you jump down my throat on these "predictions," this is just hypothetical and does not take the salary cap into consideration. This is just my thoughts on teams who have a legit shot at the cup and where these 5 guys would be best suited. Think of it as a conversation with your buddies about which celebrity you'd do.

#5 Dan Boyle

Boy am I glad I don't play in Tampa Bay. Not to mention being a defenseman in Tampa with a serious lack of competent goaltending. Boyle brings an added offensive threat to any team, especially one who could use power play help.

Let's do this Oscars style...

And Dan Boyle goes to... the New York Rangers.

Here's why: The Rangers top power play unit is terrible. Trust me. Terrible. If you're a Rangers fan and have a problem with that statement, you obviously just became a fan yesterday.

The top unit with Brendan Shanahan and Jaromir Jagr has been a huge disappointment. Here's a clue boys, shoot the puck on goal and crash the net. Take a note from your second unit with Fedor Tyutin, Chris Drury, Scott Gomez, Nigel Dawes and Petr Prucha. Those guys pound the puck on net and hack away until the red light goes on.

Of course as soon as I finish typing this Boyle has re-signed with the Bolts for 6 years and $40 million.

With that said....

#4 Brian Campbell

See above explanation as to why the Rangers power play is awful and instead of going through more uselessness here's the quick info.

Campbell will shoot the puck on the PP. He'll get the puck there so listen up Shanahan do me a fantasy favor and go to the net and start scoring some PP goals.

Side note: Just read a rumor that the Rangers are interested in getting Pavol Demitra.

(Wipes tears away caused by an extreme fit of laughter)

This would just be dumb for a ton of reasons. Mainly, they already have enough scoring depth and need someone to play defense. Also, if Sather thinks he's getting a top 4 d-man for Marek Malik I want the cops searching his home for narcotics.

#3 Olli Jokinen

As a Pens fan I'm hoping he gets traded out of the Eastern Conference. This guy kills the Penguins. That said, I took a look at a team that could use some leadership and added scoring depth.

And Olli Jokinen goes to...The Vancouver Canucks.

Here's why this deal would help the Canucks. I know he's a center but you put him with the Sedin twins. Look what they did with Anson Carter who got a big head and is now out of the NHL. Just imagine those three playing together. Any fantasy owner of those three would sign up for this in a heartbeat.

#2 Patrick Marleau

I think he should have gone to Toronto in the first place in the Vesa Toskala deal, but now that they're still set on trading him here's who would be a good fit.

And Patrick Marleau goes to...The Ottawa Senators.

I know what you're thinking..."but all the rumors are saying Hossa is going to the Senators so there's no way this is happening." To you I say, see #1.

#1 Marian Hossa

Ok here's why Hossa should not go to Ottawa. They already have Jason Spezza, Dany Heatley and Daniel Alfredsson. They do not need more scoring talent. What they need is defense help. Supposedly the Sens are trying to get a package deal of Hossa and Garnet Exelby, which still wouldn't be much of an upgrade.

So where does Hossa end up? Could this possibly be the out of the ballpark prediction that would appear to look like I found Sather's stash? Yes it is.

And Hossa goes to....The Boston Bruins.

Here's two words why this makes sense and would make the Bruins dangerous. Marc Savard.

These two played together in Atlanta on the same line with Ilya Kovalchuk and tore up the league. If these two get re-united and the B's somehow keep Phil Kessel, wow. Even if they have to pull the trigger on Kessel to pull it off, you put Marco Sturm on the other wing, sit back and watch the fun.

As I said before, most likely none of these deals will happen but if they do you know what the next blog will be about. If they're wrong I'll just comment on the deadline deals. In any event, the next few hours should be fun to watch.

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