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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Game 7 Oilers Vs. Hurricanes

From June 19, 2006

Yes! This is the only time I will ever be happy about not feeling well. I got to come home because I was turning green, but I've taken a bunch of stomache stuff and feel a little better now. I'm soo excited for this. Game 7, do or die and honestly I never thought it would get to this point. This has been quite a series. Every game has had something different so who knows what's in store for us tonight.

8:18- National anthems- Oiler fans can be heard throughout the building. Canes fans are trying to out shine the Rexall atmosphere and not succeeding but doing a nice job.

8:22- Carolina wins the draw. Time to disprove the theory.

8:24- Good flurry for the Canes leads to a massive amount of traffic in front of Markkanen which leads to a goal from the point from Aaron Ward 1-0 Carolina.

8:28- Penalty on Carolina for goalie interference.

8:30- Ward makes a couple nice saves on the powerplay. Carolina looks like a team possessed right now.

8:32- What a pace to start this game, the fans haven't sat down since the opening draw. This is why I love hockey. It doesn't get any better than Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals

8:37- First sustained pressure by Edmonton leads to a couple of saves by Ward.

8:41- Penalty on Edmonton for holding, critical kill upcomming.

8:45- Successful kill, and they continue to weather the storm. Can't believe the Carolina team I'm seeing here.

8:48- Where has Edmonton's hitting game gone?? Oh yeah Carolina. The Hurricanes are taking a page out of the Oilers' book and hitting anything that moves.

8:52- Interference penalty on the Oilers When is MacTavish gonna learn, don't play the kid Greene. All he does it take penalties.

8:57- Oh God penalty shot for Carolina perhaps.

9:00- NO PENALTY SHOT!!!! Hooray for delayed penalties, but they still haven't decided if it's a goal or not.

9:03- NO GOAL! Finally a break, but a penalty on Moreau for high sticking.

9:04- End of the first period, 1-0 Carolina who will resume their powerplay when the second period starts. Fast paced period.

9:13 Just had this convo with my little sis.

Me: "That really should have been a penalty shot."
Cait: "Yes it should have been, but it wasn't MUAHAHAHA!"
Me: "Pretty much my thoughts exactly."

9:23- Second period under way and the Hurricanes resume te powerplay.

9:25- Good work from the NBC truck guys to show that Carolina clearly scored on that controversial play. Oh well.

9:27- What a sequence! Markkanen with a great save on a 2-on-1 followed by a mini break away by Edmonton, but a good play on D to close him off.

9:28- Spacek goes for holding.

9:29- Blast from the point tickles the twine and its 2-0 Carolina on the powerplay.

9:41- Just got a text message from the king of predictions, A.K.A. Greg and he pretty much sums up my thoughts about this game.

Greg: "Not good."

9:49- No one on Edmonton wants to shoot the puck. This is frustrating, but at least Edmonton is going on the powerplay.

9:52- Delay of game for shooting the puck directly over the glass on Ward!! 5-on-3 powerplay!

9:54- Stupid penalty on Smyth, steam is coming out of my ears.

9:56- This is unbelievable, no one will put the puck on net. You're down by two in Game 7 throw everything at the net for crying out loud! This is ridiculous!

End of two periods. The Cup is coming out to play in 20 minutes. Write it down.

So there's nothing I can really say now that the game is over. I spent the 3rd period with my head in the wall and pulled it out in time to see the Cup in the wrong hands. Ty Conklin, I blame you for this, and the theory is 7-0 in the Finals.

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