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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Game 5 Oilers Vs. Hurricanes

From June 14, 2006

Ok so here it goes. It's all or nothing tonight for Edmonton. Win or go home, it's as simple as that. I must confess I was grilling and eating dinner for the duration of the first period however I did see everything.

Here are some thoughts and highlights from the first period:

1. Edmonton wins the opening draw, good sign (4-0 so far).

2. Pronger rips one to the cage just 16 seconds into the period for the very quick 1-0 lead. Oilers take a penalty about a minute after the goal,

3. Hurricanes tie it up at 1-1 on the powerplay when Markkanen fails to control a rebound and the defense fails to pick up Staal who buries it off his own rebound.

4. Canes stirke again on another powerplay goal (2 for 3 at this point), on a blast through traffic over the shoulder of Markkanen who never saw it and had no chance even if he would have. 2-1 Canes.

5. Edmonton finally gets a powerplay goal of their own on an absolute laser to the shelf over Ward on a one-timer by Hemsky. I love watching this kid, so smooth and nifty with the puck.

6. Turnover at the Canes blueline leads to a sweet goal by my man Peca on a great feed by who else but Hemsky with 17 seconds to go in the period.

9:20- Start of the 2nd period and Markkanen tested early, but makes a nice save to preserve the lead. The 4-on-4 is over and the shortened powerplay goes to.......EDMONTON!

9:23 In 20 seconds of powerplay time Edmonton musters two solid shots, both stopped by Ward. The first he never saw and it just hit him, the second was a cannon blast from the point that he kicked out to stop. I'm still in shock at how much he's stepped up his game in this series.

9:25- Penalty on the Canes and the much improved Oiler powerplay is back on the ice. Keys to Edmonton's three goals so far? Ward can't see anything coming his way rendering him like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

9:27- Edmonton actually held possession of the puck in the zone for a large part of the penalty and Ward makes a decent save on the lone shot. Off the draw Stoll gets caught for hooking and it's all even at 4-on-4.

9:37- Canes with a lot of pressure as Edmonton failed to clear resulting in a powerplay for Carolina.

9:39- Stall just registered his third point of the game on a very odd goal. Watch the highlights b/c the bounce that puck takes is rather generous. Third powerplay goal of the game for the Canes, 3-3 and with that Erin has gotten up to get ready to go to the gym. Yes I'm looking for all the positives in this situation right now.

9:43- Erin has come downstairs and has informed me that she will NOT be going to the gym as she wants to update her resume to apply for a new job. Great.

9:51- High sticking penalty on Brind'Amour. Powerplay Edmonton.

9:54- Still a lightning quick pace even with the penalty. This is truly something special to be watching. Edmonton is playing hard and not leaving anything in the tank to win this game and keep the series alive.

9:58- Second period over, 3-3. If the third period is anything like the first two we are in for a treat.

10:13- Gonna call Greg soon to make sure he's still alive and hasn't hung himself yet from watching this game, because I'm a concerned friend like that.

10:17- Third period starts out with a bang, literally. Doug Weight just got sandwiched and limped to the locker room holding his left arm. Looks like a seperated shoulder or dislocated shoulder to me. Injury report coming soon. Aaron Ward also went down earlier in the game so the Canes are down two men now.

10:23- Holding penalty on Carolina as a result of Edmonton with some pretty good puck control and cycling in the zone.

10:24- Pronger is on autofire right now, any puck coming his way he's letting it fly. About damn time if you ask me.

10:27- Another penalty on Carolina, this has to catch up with them eventually and with the powerplay looking better now would be a great time to score for Edmonton.

10:32- Aaron Ward has just returned to the ice for his first shift since getting injured back in the first period. Come on Edmonton, pounce on the weak guy in the herd.

10:34- First showing of the Stanley Cup coming out of the box and being polished up. Let's all hope that it goes back in the box.

10:40- Carolina just woke up big time. Just controlled the play for a good solid two minutes and rang the post on a down and out Markkanen. My heart rate is immeasurable right now.

10:45- Ward hurt again from blocking a Pronger shot. Weight is back too now. Gutsy guys, I'll give them that.

10:46- Icing call....1:18 from overtime.

10:50- Holy crap here we go. Overtime in a potentially deciding Stanley Cup Final game. Gonna go take some Valium to get through this one.....

11:04- Start of overtime and Edmonton wins the draw clean this time unlike the sort of a tie from the game opening draw.

11:06- 4 shots on net already for Edmonton....please oh please.

11:08- Oilers ring the post, puck goes back the other way and Recchi draws a penalty on Edmonton.....please kill this!

11:09- Pisani picks off an outlet pass and goes in on a breakaway. He shoots and he SCCCCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!



HOLY #$%%!!!!!!

In the words of Pens our wonderful Pens announcer...Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has just left the building. A shorthanded goal in overtime by Fernando Pisani sends the series back to Edmonton for a Game 6 on Saturday night!!! Oh baby am I pumped up now!

Again, just as a final note the theory is 5-0. Bet you don't think I'm crazy now do you?

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