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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Oilers' Second Time Against the Wall

Figured I should move over some old stuff to this better site. So enjoy!

From 6/17/06

Well as with the last game it's a do or die mentality. Advantage for Edmonton tonight is that they are back on home ice. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love Oiler fans and I want to go to Rexall Place to watch a game and just breathe in the atmosphere.

So apparently Laviolette lied because Cole is back in the lineup for the first time since our boy Brooks Orpik put him down for the count. That addition should give the Canes an emotional pickup.

It's official, the Oilers have the best entrance onto the ice ever. The double sliding doors to the locker room plus the fire and everything, it's just awesome.

8:19- National anthems. I get chills every time the fans take over, again it's just amazing.

8:23- Edmonton wins the opening draw! 5-0 so far, could we see 6-0?

8:24- Penalty on Edmonton, not a good start.

8:26- Shorthanded 3-on-1 for Edmonton leads to nothing thanks to too much passing, but the PK looks good right now as the penalty expires.

8:30- Pens get publicity during the Finals! They just showed Brooks' hit on Cole, I don't know what all the fuss is about. Looked clean to me.

8:31- Penalty on Carolina, could we perhaps see another powerplay goal from the lowly Oiler powerplay unit??

8:57- Ok I know I just missed a bunch of stuff, but I was watching. The reason for a lack of updates is because Erin and I adopted a kitten today and the little guy is exploring and we're trying to get him used to us. For the majority of the period the cat was on my lap intently watching the game along with me, so I think we have a winner here. 0-0 after the first.

9:15- Second period is underway and the Canes are on a carryover powerplay.

9:17- Too many men on the ice penalty on the Oilers.

9:19- Pass into the slot to Pisani.... SCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

9:21- Greg: "My man again. Mr. Conn Smythe"

9:22- Penalty on Carolina, perhaps another powerplay goal??

9:28- Matching minors for a hook and a dive. Of course now the refs call a dive, but of course its on Edmonton because Carolina would never do such a thing. (Obviously Tarnstrom hauled Recchi down in Game 5, I mean come on Recchi should have gotten an Oscar for that performance.)

9:31- The cat (Max) has been asleep on Diana's lap for about 30 minutes now. Apparently he tuckered himself out with all the exploring. Diana came running over as soon as she found out we adopted it as she wants one herself. I guess she's getting her cat fix from poor little Max.

9:35- Staios blasts one from the point and SCOOORRRRRRRREEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!
2-0 on the deflection by Torres!

9:38- Powerplay Edmonton, come on boys send this back to Carolina for Game 7 right here.

9:41- Edmonton is by far the better team in the game right now. They are just absolutely controlling the play and making Carolina play out of their style.

9:43- Timeout Carolina...Laviolette is getting nervous if you ask me.

9:53- Penalty on Tarnstrom, Carolina going on the powerplay again. Big kill coming up here.

9:55- The Oilers are taking a page out of Carolina's penalty kill. They're blocking everything thrown at Markkanen.

9:57- Breakaway for Hemsky is nullfied by a penalty on Jason Smith. Not quite sure for what seeing as how he was on his ass in his own crease. Don't even tell me the Edmonton screw job is coming, cause I'll hunt these refs down.

10:00- End of period two, 2-0 Edmonton! Time to fetch the cat from behind the bookcase.

10:19- Third period underway and we're 20 minutes from Game 7! Yeah I know I just cursed the whole thing, but that's the reality of the situation.

10:21- They better be going upstairs to review this goal by Edmonton. If it isn't it would be one hell of a save by Cam Ward on a 3-on-1.

10:22- No goal thanks to nothing conclusive on the replays, but common sense would tell you the puck was in the net. Oh well, on we play 2-0 Oilers.

10:24- Penalty on Carolina! Time to put it away and send this back to Raleigh for a do or die Game 7.

10:25- SMYTH SCOOOOORRRRREEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!! WHAT A SHOT ON THE BACKHANDER!!! POWERPLAY GOAL 3-0!!!! Who needs that last goal that was disallowed? They got it anyway!

10:27- Another too many men on the ice penalty against Carolina! Blood is in the water boys! Open up those floodgates!

10:34- Penalty on Edmonton with 10:30 to go in the game. If Carolina has a snowball's chance in hell of coming back it's gotta come right here.

10:38- Penalty on Carolina on what would have been a breakaway for Pisani, but he was hooked from behind by Whitney.


10:46- The Edmonton fans have been cheering "We want the Cup!" for a solid 2-3 minutes without fading at all. Now the game is starting to get a little nasty, Game 7 is going to be a barnburner. Oh and the Oilers are going back on the powerplay, time to add insult to injury.

10:49- Too many men on the ice against Edmonton, oh well 4-0 lead is fine with me.

10:52- Two minutes until Game 7! Time for the happy dance in the middle of the living room. If Edmonton wins on Monday I'm changing this cat's name to lucky. Second "We want the Cup!" chant roars from the seats. No one is sitting down right now.

10:54-One minute!......30 seconds!

10:55- 20!.....10, 9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.0!!!!!!! IT'S OVER!!!! SHUTOUT MARKKANEN!!!!! SERIES TIED 3-3!!! WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY MADE HISTORY AS NO TEAM DOWN 3-1 WINNING GAME 5 IN OT WENT ON TO WIN GAME 6!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

HOLY @#$$!!!!!!!!!!


10:57- Yes again the theory was upheld, 6-0 in the Finals. Anyone wanna bet the winner of Game 7 wins the opening draw??

I already know I will not be able to post a blog in real time on Monday as I have to work until 11pm. Yes I know, I'm pretty much pissed off too right about now, but I will be taping the game and potentially keeping a blog then depending on how tired I am from working at 7am-11pm. Don't ask, it sucks, but what can you do?

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