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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Game 4 Oilers Vs. Hurricanes

Ok so first off I'm sorry for not doing one of these for Game 3. I was an idiot and failed to make the connection that we were celebrating Greg's birthday on the same day as Game 3. Instead of devoting all our attention to the game, as is normall the case, we made productive use of our time by going to the horse track and betting on the ponies. First up was the Belmont which I had pegged except for that stupid Jazil. Played him in the Derby and he was a dog, so I leave him out of this one and naturally he wins. My trifecta pick finished 2,3,4 in the race, so once again Jazil screwed me over.

In any event, we stayed for the track's own racing and each hit a race so we walked out with at least some money for the first time in a year or so at that God forsaken track. We a;ready have plans to return based on our good fortune on Saturday.

The track did conveniently have the game on so I was able to cath bits and pieces, specifically the opening draw which was won by the Oilers if you'll remember. I'm 3-0 in this series, believe me now? There's something to this, I'm certain. If anyone knows how to look this up from year's past let me know and I'll do the math out to further prove this.

8:09- Game hasn't even started and Greg is already predicting things again. To his credit he was right about Game 3 so maybe we'll get lucky.

Greg: "It's all about the Oilers tonight, this series is goin back to Carolina 2-2."
Me: "It better."
Greg: "Oh it will."

8:18- I really want to go watch a game at the Rexall Place. I can't emphasize this enough, the atmosphere is nuts. Hockey is a way of life in Canada, so within a couple years I'm moving there to be a part of it.

8:21- National anthem time and if you haven't seen this building take over the Canadian National Anthem, you have not see anything. It's truly something special to see and hear. I just got chills listening to the sellout crowd take it an run with it. One word. Awesome.

8:25- Damnit! Canes win the draw.

Greg sums it all up for you: "Crap."

8:31- Furious pace early, but the Oilers have some jumo tonight on home ice. Best start for them yet in the series.

8:33- First commercial break and I have to catch my breath. This is shaping up to be a great game. Edmonton is hitting anything that moves right now, trying to get into the Canes heads. I LOVE IT!!!


8:39- Cardinal sin in hockey. Do not take a penalty on the next shift after your team scored. Torres just committed it. PP Carolina, and they score, Stillman on the one-timer 1-1.

8:42- Penalty on the Canes. Will Edmonton's PP wake up finally in this series?

8:48- Edmonton forces a turnover at the Canes blueline and draws a hooking call on Whitney. Back on the PP.

8:52- The PP isnt looking great, but there are signs of improvement and they'll get to work on it more again as Whitney takes a seat again.

8:55- 5-on-3 PP for Edmonton for 1:12, can you say opportunity??

8:59- Ok so they didn't score, but the PP is looking much better now that they moved a man out to the high slot to take some pressure off the point.

9:00- Another stupid penalty on Edmonton. This time with under a minute to go in the period, boy a shorthanded goal would be real nice here.

9:02- End of the first period, 1-1. What a period. Edmonton is stepping up the physical aspect in a big way hitting anything that moves and punishing every Canes player to touch the puck. There is a sense of hunger that wasn't there in the first two games. Time for ice cream!

9:19- The Grim Reaper for the Edmonton Oilers just came home, I know that sounds harsh and I wish I were joking, but look back at the first two games of the series and try and convince me otherwise. Go ahead, I dare you.

9:21- Second period underway and the Canes resume the PP.

9:23- I just went from yelling praises of Markkanen to cursing out Ward. What a sequence, both goalies with excellent saves.

9:25- Holding penalty on Pronger....uh oh, best penalty killer on the team in the box for two minutes.

9:26- Markkanen with a save I can't even begin to describe. Wow.

9:28- Markkanen again! Across the crease double stacked the pads, unbelieveable. Penalty over.

9:35- Bret Hedican takes a retalitory penalty and Jaroslav Spacek also goes for some unknown reason.

9:36- Referee mishap, Spacek just used his get out of jail free card, PP for Edmonton after all!

9:38- Pronger unloads and it gets through traffic to Ward. Finally a shot on net from the point.

9:42- Observation- Edmonton was generating all their offense and flow from dumping the puck and yet they aren't doing it now, not sure why.

9:48- Markkanen stops Recchi with a pretty glove save.

9:50- Pronger turns it over and Recchi gets his revenge. 2-1 Canes.

9:53- Edmonton gets called for holding, now granted it was a call but Carolina is getting away with murder out there right now. This is sickening.

9:54- Finally a retribution call on Carolina. 4-on-4 for 1:30ish.

9:56- Another penalty on Pronger. Fans have it correct by chanting "We want refs!" Complete inconsistancy going on right now.

9:58- End of two, 2-1 Carolina. Maybe the refs will wake up inbetween periods here and keep it even. If I was MacTavish I would have been tossed from this game already.

10:01- Greg's trying to cheer me up.

Greg: "2-1 end of two."
Me: "Horrible."
Greg: "It's ok, still 20:00 left. Optimism, don't be a pessimist. Believe Casey believe."
Me: "I'd have an easier time believing if the refs didn't suck."

10:16-Moment of truth right here. Third period under way.

10:17- You can't spell glove without love baby as Markkanen flashes leather to rob a golden Carolina chance off a rebound. Pretty stuff.

10:24- Looks like Edmonton is going back to the first period game plan. Back to hitting and dumping the puck in.

10:26- The refs have put the whistles away again. Will it stay like this for the remainder of the game or just until Edmonton does something? Yes I'm well aware that I'm harping on this, but nothing annoyed me more as a player than inconsistant refs.

10:29- Delay to fix the boards. Cotton Eyed Joe is playing over the PA system and yes I'm dancing around the living room while Erin sits on the couch painting her nails shaking her head.

10:34- Spacek drilled by Staal and shaken up.....not good. 10 minutes to go. Greatest commercial out there right now? New Dodge Caliber commercial with the cute little animals. The manufacturers ask them what they think of the car. The last one replies "It scares the C@ out of me." Said of course in a cute little voice making it that much funnier.

10:38- Ward looking like he did in Game 1. Stopping EVERYTHING!

10:45- BRAD WATSON IS IN THE DOGHOUSE. How the hell do you call a penalty like that after letting everything else go in the 3rd period. This is a joke and Watson should never be allowed to ref a game ever again. 4:40 to go in the third, unbelievable.

10:50- Penalty over. I am livid if you couldn't tell. Timeout Canes.

10:52- Markkanen out of the net.

10:54- 50 secs to go timeout Edmonton.

10:56- 2-1 Final, 3-1 in the series. A great game tainted by horrible officiating. The theory is 4-0, I'm really starting to believe that it's real and not just a theory.

It could all be over on Wednesday, and that is such a horrible thing because this season has been fun to watch.

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