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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Headlines For 3/13/08

This one's going to be a little shorter as I'm working with Apryl DeLancey, writer of the "Women Like Sports" blog you see under my frequent links section, on a playoff contenders blog. When that posted I'll link to it from my newest post as well. I'll also be doing something similar for this blog in the next couple days for your enjoyment.

Here's today's headlines!

Ovechkin Scores Goals 55,56, Kolzig Gets 300th Win

Anyone who says Ovechkin is overrated has something wrong inside their head. The more I look around message boards the more I see a raging debate about who's the better player, Sidney Crosby or Ovechkin.

Here's the thing, for the most part this is like comparing apples to oranges. The two have different styles of play. Ovechkin plays more of a run and gun game and isn't afraid to knock someone into next week. His larger than Crosby frame allows him to play this way.

Crosby on the other hand has one of the greatest hockey minds the game has ever seen and he's only going to get better. Crosby sees things before they even happen out there and his passing skills are far superior to Ovechkin. When their careers are over we'll be able to look back and say "Ovechkin was a better goal scorer while Crosby was one of the best playmakers of all-time."

What we need to do is stop arguing about who's better. Each player is better than the other in certain respects. Just sit back and watch two all-world players do what they do best and enjoy it.

Also, congrats to Olaf Kolzig. You've come a long way from your days in Portland, Maine backstopping the Capitals then AHL affiliate Pirates.

Leafs Keep Playoff Hopes Alive With 3-2 Win Over Philadelphia

Is anyone else seeing the uncanny resemblance to last season with the Leafs here? Could this possibly come down to the final day of the regular season where the Leafs need one team to lose to get into the playoffs as the 8-seed? Remember how the Devils sent in the B-squad and didn't start Marty Brodeur in their last game of the year against the Islanders? If the Islanders lost that game, the Leafs make it in. Instead, Scott Clemmensen gets the nod and gets picked apart in an eventual shootout and my buddy Cheech went into seclusion for a week.

Pavel Kubina scored the eventual game winner for the second game in a row against the Flyers. The Leafs NEVER beat the Flyers, let alone twice in one week. Now I'm not saying the Leafs will get into the playoffs, but the math is still there. They trail the Flyers by five points with 10 games remaining.

Pronger Gets Off Clean After Stomp On Kesler

Are you kidding me? Didn't Chris Simon do this to Jarkko Ruutu earlier this season and got 30 games for it? Granted Simon is a repeat offender, but like I said yesterday about hitting up high, there is no place in hockey for this. This is a complete disregard for another player and just plain dirty.

How the NHL doesn't take action on Pronger is baffling. I call shenanigans and the next time Pronger does something questionable he better be made an example of.

Sabres' Paetsch Helped Off Ice After Elbow

Here's where I'm going to end up going off the handle in the next 24 hours. Georges Laraque was assessed a five-minute major for elbowing Nathan Paetsch during the second period of a 7-3 win last night. Paetsch was helped off the ice after being out cold for several minutes and is out indefinitely with a concussion. This makes three defensemen the Sabres have lost this week.

Now here's why I'm going to be pulling my hair out. Laraque will inevitably be suspended or have some action taken against him for this hit. Now go back and read the above story about Pronger again.

Here's how the math plays out here:

Pronger + Stomping on Kessler = No Action

Laraque + elbow to Paetsch = Probable suspension

In the grand scheme of things, these two plays are both worthy of some disciplinary action. However, I don't think Laraque intended for the elbow to come up as bad as it did. There is clear intent to injure written all over an attempted stomp on another player.

Stay tuned for the eventual rant on this.

Sens' Alfredsson Could Return Tonight

I can't say much more than "YESSSS!" This reaction is strictly from a fantasy standpoint as mentioned yesterday. I need this guy back playing in the worst way right now as I trail 8-6 overall.

Also according to, the Sens are confident in Martin Gerber being the starter from here on out. So if you own Ray Emery (me) go out and find someone else. I just picked up Carey Price...for the fifth time this season.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you all next time.

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