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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Championship Game/Headlines For 3/24/08

After a couple days off I'm back with your daily dose of headlines. I would have had something up sooner, but I was out of town for the last couple days. It's always good to get away.

Before we get into the headlines here's a quick fantasy hockey update.

Well it's late March so that can only mean one thing. Championship round of fantasy hockey. For the third straight year, yours truly is fighting for the championship.

As you may already know, I'm 0-2 in the championship round in this league and I'm pretty tired of seeing my team fall in the finals. I normally put together one of the best teams in the league and romp through the playoffs only to come up short.

Year 1 I lost to Cheech, and last year Gopher got a lovely scoring change 30 minutes after the conclusion of the last game of the NHL regular season to give him the win.

Heading into Sunday's play I was once again leading comfortably over Cheech. I took him out last year in the semis as well. So I just had to sit back and see who I'd be playing. Gopher's team had been very quiet all week long and as a result he was down big. He decided to dump half his team Saturday evening to give him more players for Sunday in a last ditch effort to defend his title.

Wouldn't you know it, the lucky guy got it done. For a second straight season it'll be Gopher and I battling for the golden trophy to add to our Yahoo trophy cases.

I'd say I'm about due to win this thing finally. As always I'll keep you updated as this goes along.

Crosby To Sit Out Tonight, May Return Tomorrow

As a Pens fan, I am loving this news. Finally we'll get to see Marian Hossa play with Sidney Crosby.

I don't like all the hype the Pens are getting right now. I know they are one of the best teams in the East and when they get Crosby back, they'll be even better. Here's why I don't like it: It makes me think that everyone will think anything less than a Stanley Cup is a disappointment.

I disagree. A first round exit would be a disappointment, but look at how young this team is. If they don't win it this year, they will in a couple years. At the very least they will be a dominant team for years to come.

Check these highlights from Saturday's game against New Jersey.

Connollly Out For Season

If I was a Sabres fan, I wouldn't even want to make the playoffs right now. This makes injury number four in the last two weeks to key players.

If they were to make the playoffs they'd be out quicker than the fat kid in dodgeball. Ryan Miller is a fantastic goalie, but even the best goalies need some help in front of them.

Sorry Buffalo, your season is now officially over.

Bruins' Bergeron Back On Ice After Concussion

As a general hockey fan, this is great to see. I don't root for anyone to get hurt in any sport and this is good news that his career may not be over.

Now, I do blame him for the injury. One of the first things coaches teach about checking, is not to turn your back to try to draw a penalty.

Bad things happen when you turn your back to someone who's already committed to hitting you. Get up against the boards and take the hit and move on.

OK, notice how he looks over his shoulder and then turns ever so slightly and puts on the brakes 3 feet from the boards as Randy Jones throws the hit.

Yes, Jones should have let up when he could only see Bergeron's numbers on his back, but Bergeron shouldn't have turtled .

Forsberg To Play Tonight

Anyone wanna give me 3-1 odds that since Peter Forsberg is playing tonight, he'll sit out the next 2-3 games because of a bum ankle?

There's really not much to say here other than, this is turning out to be a great million dollar investment. Hey Avs management, my ankles are fine and I could give you as many minutes or more than what Forsberg has given you so far. I'll gladly take a million bucks to have a couple personal trainers get me back in shape.

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